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Treatments are usually One hour, however times may very depending on your needs. 

My clients report feeling like they have had the best rest after a treatment, they feel they are being supported in their healing journey.  No one is ever alone. 


Complimentary Angel Card Readings

- Curious what an Angel Card Reading Is. 

-Want to connect with your Angels

-Looking for Divine Guidance. 
This free monthly offering is done Via Zoom in a group settings.  
Space is limited, as I will be giving each person a personalized message from their Angels. 

Looking for a more in-depth, and/or private option to connect with your Angels.  
I offer one on one Angel Card Reading

-in person
-via Zoom
- or email


Angel Empowerment Healing (AEH)

a completely new and innovative HEALING MODALITY! Developed by Cindy Smith; founder of the Angel Empowerment Practitioner program, and Dr. Carl Le Roux, a Family Physician from Saskatchewan.

This is a truly INTEGRATIVE modality, designed to work with all levels of change for a client: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Physical, unleashing the POWER of the HUMAN MIND and using the SENSE OF TOUCH to flow the healing energy of Archangel Raphael.

Angel Card Reading/Healing

Angel empowerment practitioners receive message from your angels through angel oracle cards. Clients are encouraged to ask questions that are related to their relationships, goals, health, careers or finances to get a clear answers within their sessions. AEP techniques can be incorporated if guided or requested.

Angelic Healing: 30-60 mins

Reiki/Crystal/Shamanic Healing

Reiki focuses on the unseen energy that flows through all living things. Reiki healing will ensure that all life energy within yourself is strong to enable you to be your optimal self. Reiki can heal and significantly help stress, illness and other personal struggles.

Reiki Session: 45 mins- 1 hour

Children's Workshops

Children are very curious and energetic beings that can utilize reiki energy. Kids reiki allows children the knowledge , skills and tools to assist them in their everyday life.  Also offering Crystal Kids. What child doesn't love sparkly crystals, in this workshop they will be introduced to the healing properties of crystals, uses and caring for these precious gifts from Mother Earth.

(Available as group workshops, ask for more information)

Angel Party

Host an Angel Party in your home.  Fun evening with a few friends. Each guest will receive a personal card reading.  Minimum 4 guest.

Email to arrange this serve

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