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         - "...Without words the stress surfaced through extremely painful skin condition for my eldest. I was able to catch her as she was spiralling but needed help with healing her. Debbie Weinberger  your unconditional LOVE and alignment with your healing path has provide time and time again. My little girl left her session with you glowing and her skin immediately started to heal. She believes my guidance more and her own power to heal. THANK YOU from us for bringing your LOVE into our lives"

                                                                                                                 -Erin Moore

“I was having constant stress, depression and anxiety last year, and was recommended to see Deb for some hands on healing. I went for multiple sessions and noticed a big difference in the way my body handled any new stress that came on. I’ve been back to see Deb for more sessions since and can’t recommend her enough. She is kind, empathetic and truly cares about her clients she sees.”

Krista H

"When I go to see Deb we talk first about how I'm feeling and then we do the words to my feelings and it helps me deal with stress and all my life prop problems that I have and it's super amazing the best parties I get a good night's sleep after visit having a good visit with Deb she's totally cool she so cool she makes ice cubes sweat thank you.:

Marie S

"I am so grateful to Deb for my HOH sessions throughout my entire treatment for breast cancer. Not only did the HOH diminish or alleviate the side effects from chemo, surgery and radiation, it also reduced my stress level significantly. I always felt more at peace after each session. I am now thrilled to say I am cancer free. Without Deb’s loving support and the HOH I do t know how I would have made it through this past year. "

In gratitude
Nola Peacock.

"Deb is an amazing healer for all kinds of reason, and one in particular is for STRESS related issues.  A couple of years ago I was in a major healing crisis for several months.  What made the problem worse was the stress around a part of my ongoing health problem.  Getting Hands on Healing with Debbie during that time was instrumental in my progress.  She not only provided me with the HOH process, but also gave me affirmations to do every night, which I did religiously, and I can honestly say I would not have recovered as fast or as fully without her." 

Lisa J

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